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For Ministry Leaders

Individual and Organizational Support


Overcome obstacles, unlock potential, and grow into who you are becoming. 

There are many barriers and obstacles that inhibit the maximization of our leadership potential, business growth, and prevent us from walking into the fullness of who we are made to be.

Join other pastors in experiencing support and encouragement as we embody the directive to "carry one another's burdens" (Galatians 6:2).
Together we find hope as we process the weight of pastoring and the toll it can take on our relationships and our mental and spiritual health.

I offer formal counseling for pastors in California, Missouri, and Virginia through my therapy practice:

No matter how disoriented, lost, or pained one might be, at the center is life, beauty, and calling waiting to be healed, rediscovered, and reclaimed.

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Often we find ourselves stuck, not because we aren’t trying hard enough, not because we do not care enough, but because there are underlying dynamics at play that we are not talking about.
As a consultant, it is my privilege to spend time with you in your context to assist you in identifying the conversations, relationships, and action steps necessary to move you or your organization to the next level of connection, vibrancy, and engagement.

As a seasoned pastor and church planter, I come alongside church leadership and church congregations to aid in wrestling through some of the larger dynamics related to organizational structure, mental health, race, culture, personality, and spiritual issues that complicate and challenge our capacity to walk into the reconciliation and connection that the Kingdom of God has for us.


Support the growth of your team or community through trainings and workshops specifically tailored to engage focused growth for leadership teams, churches and communities.

  • What is a Safe Church?

  • When Love Is Not Enough

  • Marriage: Made for Connection

  • Relationships and Family

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Culture, Race, and Reconciliation

  • Discipleship, Church Planting, Church Leadership

  • Community Care, Relationship Stewardship

  • Difficult Conversations with Difficult People

  • More


Teams, like families, require attentiveness and intentionality to maximize growth, maintain effectiveness, and deepen health and connection. Every team is different.

Identify unique team and individual contributions to help your organization work effectively together.

Learn to navigate conflict to overcome barriers and deepen connection.

Develop a culture of growth and health to enhance the work experience.

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Whether you need a break from the pulpit, an alternative voice in your community to speak into issues such as emotional pain and connection, reconciliation, relationships, and what to do with our humanness as we follow Jesus, I am here to help.

Watch some of my videos here.

With an easy-to-follow delivery, I have an experienced, articulate ability to both synthesize and break down complex information. I creatively take complicated ideas and present them in understandable and engaging language in order to make many different theories and concepts tangible and applicable in meaningful ways.