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Organizational Consulting

My experiences in business, leadership, and marriage and family therapy has given me the opportunity to learn to identify places where people, relationships, organizations, and communities are stuck.

Often we find ourselves stuck, not because we aren’t trying hard enough, not because we do not care enough, but because there are underlying dynamics at play that we are not talking about.

As a consultant, it is my privilege to spend time with you in your context to assist you in identifying the conversations, relationships, and action steps necessary to move you or your organization to the next level of connection, vibrancy, and engagement.

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EQ & Psychological Safety Trainings

Develop emotional intelligence to enhance your organizational strength.

Our organizations are only as strong as the people who comprise them. The last two decades has demonstrated the significance of having a team that is emotionally and relationally strong. Developing EQ improves cohesion and productivity, and decreases organizational conflict that undermines effectiveness.

Psychological safety refers to the level of relational and emotional safety organizational members experience, and is directly related to employee satisfaction, engagement, and organizational growth.

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Organizational & Team Trainings

Using strategies and techniques developed through years as a business owner, consultant, and therapist, I can help take your organization to the next level of health, productivity, and effectiveness.

Additional trainings available for topics related to:

- Mental health

- Culture, Race, and Reconciliation

- Workplace Conflict

- Establishing Emotional and Relational Safety in the Organization

- Leadership Development


Motivational Speaking

Whether you need some motivation and inspiration, or are looking to lean into significant conversations around relationships and emotional health at work, I am here to help.

Watch some of my videos here.

With an easy-to-follow delivery, I have an experienced, articulate ability to both synthesize and break down complex information. I creatively take complicated ideas and present them in understandable and engaging language in order to make many different theories and concepts tangible and applicable in meaningful ways.