BrianJames McMahon

Consultant, Coach, Therapist


Over the years I have lived in many places. I have spent significant time living in New York, China, Seattle, and Los Angeles prior to relocating to Kansas City, MO. I have used a great variety of words to describe myself, including: renegade, explorer, creator, curious, thoughtful, reflective, passionate, strategist, dreamer, and many more.

I am currently in my third profession. After graduating from Seattle Pacific University with a BA in Holistic Education and an elementary education teaching credential, I spent time teaching first grade. While there I discovered my heart for learning and development, not just in academics, but for all areas of life, in particular relational and emotional development. From there I served as a pastor to teenagers, young adults, and full-on grownups for a number of years.

Along the way I discovered my longing to help people overcome obstacles, reclaim connection, unlock potential and grow into who they are becoming. I have a deep care for the places of pain often left in the shadows of our lives, churches, and organizations that impede our growth and limit the fullness of our expression. It was this longing to participate more deeply in the healing process of people’s lives that led me to gain expertise in emotional and relational development as a mental health professional.

I have found that the most creative intersection of my passions, interests, and skills is in therapy (for individuals and couples) and consulting (for churches and organizations). It is in this space that I am privileged to come alongside others and journey with them in rediscovering, fighting for, and pursuing their dreams.


What I do as a consultant

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Using a mixture of strategies and tools developed through years as a church planter, pastor, and therapist, I can assist as you start a explore starting a new business, build strong teams, cast new vision, or plant sustainable churches.

Building Strong Communities

One of the gifts that churches have to offer is to be a place of connection. We gather together as people looking for connection with God and with one another. We gather together as people, which means connection is sometimes challenging, complicated, and doesn’t always happen as we imagine it to.

I come alongside church leadership and church congregations to aid in wrestling through some of the larger dynamics related to mental health, race, culture, personality, and spiritual issues that complicate and challenge our capacity to walk into the reconciliation and connection that the Kingdom of God has for us.

Organizational InterPersonal Dynamics

Success and efficiency in a workplace is linked strongly to the experience employees have of safety, empowerment, and connection, rooted in emotional experiences that take place at work.

Because of my training as a marriage and family therapist, I have a keen eye for relational dynamics that undermine workplace safety, decrease productivity, and challenge efficiency. I will work with you to develop emotionally safe work environments that increase productivity, engagement, length of employment, and team morale.